8,5 hrs

Enjoy a unique Private boat tour to Dugi Otok and discover numerous private bays, stunning beaches, and secret places only local experts know.

JUMP from the cliffs and DISCOVER majestic Golubinka Sea Cave, the biggest and most exciting cave in the whole archipelago.

SWIM in the crystal-clear sea on Great White Stone Beach Veli Žal and  SNORKEL around the shipwreck with wild fishes.

RELAX at the 800m long, sandy Sakarun beach, and WITNESS the 360 panoramic vistas from the highest lighthouse in Croatia.

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Enjoy an epic RIDE through military tunnels, and MEET Božava village and island lifestyle… A private boat tour to Dugi Otok will make you FALL IN LOVE with Zadar Archipelago over and over again.


This private boat tour is suitable for groups of up to a maximum of 12 guests in one boat.

We can operate this private tour for large groups of up to 100 guests in up to 10 boats.

Smaller private groups, up to 8 guests in one boat enjoy a 5% discount, please book accordingly.

All you need for a private boat tour is included – specified below under tour details.

This private tour is organized on a SPEEDBOAT DAY CRUISER type of boat.


If you prefer any other boat from our fleet there is the following surcharge:

LUXURY SPEEDBOAT DAY CRUISER (max. 12 guests) with a surcharge of +100,00 €

FAMILY DAY CRUISER (max. 9 guests) with surcharge of: +100,00 €

ROYAL DUTCH DAY CRUISER (max. 12 guests) with a surcharge of +300,00 €

In accordance with General Terms & Conditions please note the following:

The program of this private tour is subjected to changes depending on the weather and sea conditions. From 2.000+ tours since 2015. 98% of the programs were per schedule, and on time.

On the occasion of unfavourable weather, The Captain will make decisions on the spot, advise behaviour and if necessary, change the program concerning your safety. In any case, and even in the other spots, we will do our best to make your time exciting, and provide unforgettable experiences and life-lasting memories.

Don’t worry, apart from “Plan A”, we have already planned the B, C and D itineraries which are equally enjoyable. In the event of such circumstances, we will not offer any refunds. Terms & Conditions fully apply.

This tour is not very suitable for non-swimmers. 3/7 stops include swimming or snorkelling.



Experienced Captain Local English-speaking Guide
Anchoring Fees Fuel Costs
Berthing Fees Tickets to Marine Protected Areas
Municipality Tax Safety Gear
Tourist Tax
First Aid Kit
Windproof Jackets Snorkeling Goggles
Motion Sickness Pills Sun Protection Cream
Light Snacks Bottled Water
Juice for the Kids Fruit Salad
Beers or Ciders  
To make you comfortable on the tour bring the least possible, only necessities such are:
ID, Passport or Driving Licence
Water or Light Sport Shoes
Sun Cap
Local Currency Cash for the personal expenditures


Zadar Channel, a delightful sea passage between the islands of Zadar Archipelago and the City of Zadar, is famous for fishing tradition, sailing, paragliding, kitesurfing, and windsurfing spots.

Here you will enjoy the panoramic view of Zadar from the middle of the archipelago and gaze upon majestic mountain Velebit, city of Zadar and Old city centre and its unique promenade on your Dugi Otok Private boat tour.


9:30 – Check-in & departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 9:45 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The Private Dugi Otok Boat Tour departs at 10:00 from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

10:50 – Sunken Ship Snorkeling

Snorkel around a majestic 76m (249ft) long shipwreck of the Italian merchant ship, explore the vivid marine world, & meet the wild fishes on your Dugi Otok Boat Tour. Located near Veli Rat, Michelle is the shipwreck of an Italian merchant ship that sank in August 1984. Today she is very attractive diving & snorkeling spot. The wreck is partially protruding above sea level, which means it can be easily located, and it is easily accessible. Grab your snorkeling gear and enjoy an underwater adventure around this amazing shipwreck

12:45 – Visit the majestic Golubinka Sea Cave

On your next stop, you will explore the unique natural phenomenon – the majestic Golubinka Sea Cave. You will swim into the fascinatingly shaped cavern, be amazed by the colours of the rocks inside the cave, discover a beautiful hidden beach, and experience the pleasure of swimming with the sun rays that protrude through the cavern’s ceiling. Be bold, take a deep breath and jump from the cliffs for your once-in-a-lifetime experience or just relax and enjoy the shallow Brbišćica bay and take advantage of a small private beach on your Dugi Otok Boat Tour.

14:00 – Witness the Turquoise waters of Great White Stone Beach

The Great White Stone beach is the next highlight of the Dugi Otok Boat Tour. This stunning lagoon is located near the small island of Mežanj which will charm you with the vibrant colours and a stunning view of the horizon.

You will visit one of the most stunning beaches on Dugi Otok & get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities. Veli Žal bay will mesmerize you with its crystal-clear sea, sandy seabed & famous white pebble coast. Take a moment for a refreshing dip & enjoy to the fullest.

Enjoy and swim in the sand and pebble seabed, snorkel and explore exciting fish species or just relax far away from the crowd with a spectacular view on one of the most beautiful beaches on Dugi Otok


16:30 - Water sports and ‘picigin’ game at Sakarun; free time for lunch

Enjoy in the most praised beach in Dalmatia – Sakarun beach, and try out “Dalmatian unofficial sport” – Picigin. Grab a bite, or cocktail in the shade of the pine trees and relax.

Experience true summer joy in this gorgeous 800m long sandy lagoon and take a moment to notice the white sand and crystal-clear sea. Sakarun beach is an ideal spot for families with children and non-swimmers due to its shallow waters.

Even 250 meters from the shore the depth is only 3,5 meters so you have a lot of space for swimming in the shallow sandy clear sea. After your beach escape, you will get to visit Veli Rat, see the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, and some of the most gorgeous bays on Dugi Otok. If you wish your crew can book you a table in a restaurant with prime seats and an awe-inspiring view.


17:00 - Enjoy in thrilling speedboat ride through a Military tunnel

After your lunch break, your next Private Dugi Otok Boat Tour stop will take you to the fascinating place on the West coast of the Dugi Otok. There you will witness the might of 70 meters long military tunnel. Discover the army hideout place and find out where submarines went to slumber, on your next boat trip.

18:30 - Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Before leaving your Private Dugi Otok Boat tour, enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar’s old city centre, while cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experience a completely different impression of Zadar. Enjoy a symphony of sea and wind and listen to the Sea Organ music from the comfort of your speedboat.

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Speedboat ride on Veli Rat aerial
guy exploring golubinka sea cave
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people Snorkel around sunken ship with with Curious School of Fish
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dugi otok private boat tour people snorkelling in fromt of golubinka sea cave
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pristine sea and lush nature in Sakarun bay
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speedboat ride on veli rat and lighthouse
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couple on top of the lightouse and panoramic view on Dugi Otok
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girl cliff jumping golubinka cave
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girl pointing finger at the Veli Rat and Punta Bianca lighthouse
dolphins in Zadar
dugi otok private boat tour Girl snorkelling in bays of Dugi Otok
lighthouse and panoramiv view on the sea aerial photo
young family with baby on top of the ighthouse
girl smiling in bathingsuit on a boat in pristine island bay on sakarun beach
guy doing Somersault from speedboat
sakarun beach kid playing on the sand
Guy relaxing on the speedboat
Punta Bianca lighthouse
flowers and docks in Božava village
dugi otok private boat tour snorkeling around the sunken ship
dugi otok private boat tour girl swimming in crystal-clear sea
dugi otok private boat tour people swimming in veli žal bay
boat tour to military tunnels
Dugi otok Military tunel