9,5 hours

Let’s escape together on a Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat Tour and DISCOVER 100+ islands in the Kornati archipelago, many of them- completely private.

On your fully-guided boat trip, you will WITNESS stunning views from 100+ meter high ocean cliffs, SWIM in the unique salty lake, with healing waters and enjoy in unspoiled nature of Nature Park Telaščica.

You will ENJOY a scenic speedboat ride through Kornati islands, SNORKEL in crystal clear and turquoise seas surrounded by curious fish, VISIT a movie set on Island Mana, BE AMAZED by 360 panoramic vistas and RELAX on the pebbly and white sand beaches.

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You can ask your local crew to book you a table in the island restaurant if you wish to taste freshly caught seafood before you MEET the culture of a picturesque island village Sali… Opt-in for a unique full-day adventure that never ends on a Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat Tour.


In accordance with General Terms & Conditions please note the following:

The program of this tour is subjected to changes depending on the weather and sea conditions. From 2.000+ tours since 2015. 98% of the programs were per schedule, and on time.

On the occasion of unfavourable weather, The Captain will make decisions on the spot, advise behaviour and if necessary, change the program concerning your safety. In any case, and even in the other spots, we will do our best to make your time exciting, and provide unforgettable experiences and life-lasting memories.

Don’t worry, apart from “Plan A”, we have already planned the B, C and D itineraries which are equally enjoyable. In the event of such circumstances, we will not offer any refunds. Terms & Conditions fully apply.

Gratuities are not included, it is recommended to tip the crew if you are satisfied with the tour.



Experienced Captain Local English-speaking Guide
Anchoring Fees Fuel Costs
Berthing Fees Tickets to National Park Kornati
Safety Gear Tickets to Nature Park Telaščica
Tourist Tax
First Aid Kit
Windproof Jackets Snorkeling Goggles
Motion Sickness Pills Sunscreen
Juice for the Kids Bottled Water
Light Snacks Fruit Salad
1x Beer or Cider  
To make you comfortable on the tour bring the least possible, only necessities such are:
ID, Passport or Driving Licence
Water or Light Sport Shoes
Sun Cap
Local Currency Cash for the personal expenditures


Zadar Chanel is a mesmerising sea passage between the islands of Zadar Archipelago and the City of Zadar, famous for fishing traditions, sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and various water spots.

You will enjoy the scenic vistas through Zadar Channel on your Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat Tour and witness a panoramic view of Zadar from the middle of the archipelago, complemented with backdrop view on majestic mountain Velebit, city of Zadar and Old city centre and its unique promenade.


9:00 - Check-in & Departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 8:30 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The boat departs at 9:00 sharp from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

10:15 - Telašćica, Salty Lake, high cliffs and stone memorials

On your Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat tour you will experience the essence of National Park Kornati Islands & Nature Park Telašćica. You will get a chance to recharge your batteries in unspoiled nature and pristine bays on  5 different islands in this nature-protected area of mesmerising beauty.

Opt-in for a stress-free hike in the pine tree shade and visit the Salt Lake “Mir” where you will experience the serenity and enjoy its waters with healing properties. Make sure to stop and take panorama pictures of the Kornati islands from the top of the mighty 100m (328ft) high Telašćica cliffs.


11:30 - Kornati, private island Mana, fishing village film set

On your scenic speedboat ride through Kornati islands, you will encounter the fascinating Kornati lighthouse – Sestrica Vela, at the entrance to the Kornati National Park.

Apart from that you will visit the fishing village film set on the private island Mana, and get a chance to conquer the island’s hilltop and witness stunning panoramic vistas.

Be bold, jump into the crystal clear Adriatic sea from Mana cliffs, and make unique memories on your Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat Tour. Professional divers can scuba dive near a coral wall full of red sea fans.


13:00 - Vrulje bay, famous gourmet spot, ‘top’ of Kornati; free time for lunch

After an exciting cruise around the unique Kornati islands archipelago, you will have your lunch break at the most famous gourmet spot in Kornati islands– Vrulje bay.

Your crew can book you a table at the restaurant, where you can enjoy mouth-watering,  genuine slow-cooked meals prepared in an old-fashioned way, prepared with love, cooked under a baking lid or on the grill, and seasoned with local herbs and spices. Or you can relax, listen to the silence, plunge into a crystal clear sea and snorkel around pristine island bays.

For great holiday photos, you can walk up to the top of the hill, enjoy a stunning view of Kornati archipelago and capture the phenomenal panoramic photos.


15:30 – Island of Levrnaka, white sand beach relaxation

Your next Kornati Islands & Telascica Boat Tour will take you to the fascinatingly shaped, Levranka island, famous for its deep, well-sheltered coves and mesmerising bays.

On this island, you will discover marvellous Lojena beach located on the southwest side of Levrnaka Island, and known as the “Heart of Kornati”.

This stunning lagoon is the only sandy beach in the Kornati archipelago and an ideal place for a perfect beach getaway. You can relax in a beautiful Lojena bay, work on your bronzed tan, snorkel with curious fishes and play “Dalmatian Unofficial sport” – picigin in the turquoise waters.

On your way back, while cruising ahead to the Dugi Otok, do not miss to notice the well-known stonewall Memorial Crosses, that serve as the reminder for the brave Kornati firefighters.


17:00 - Village Sali (Long Island), taste & meet genuine local traditions

After an exciting Kornati Islands & Telascica boat tour, you will have a chance to take it slow and have an afternoon coffee, pizza, suffle, or ice cream at the picturesque island village Sali that got its name from the medieval salt production.
If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to see and experience the traditional Sali ‘orchestra’ playing ‘donkey melody’ through the village, or pet a real donkey.

Apart from that, at the first weekend of August, Sali becomes the host of the most famous island event across the Adriatic. Make sure to visit „Saljske užance“ and enjoy live concerts, donkey races. local food, traditions and other programs.


18:30 - Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Before leaving your Kornati Islands & Telasica Boat tour, take a moment and enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar old city centre, while cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experience a completely different impression of Zadar. Listen to the symphony of sea and wind and relax in the sounds of Sea Organ music from the comfort of your speedboat.

kornati Islands & telašćica boat tour girl on a cliff watching the view
Stunning sandy bay Lojena on Levrnaka Island in Kornati National Part aerial photo
Girl pointing to Kornati islands in a bikini on a speedboat ride
salt lake and sea in telašćica nature parek
guests in a speedoboat near Kornati cliffs
guy jumping from speedboat
enjoy in panoramic vistas on Kornati islands
Mana island movie set
Movie set on top of the Mana Island on Kornati
family on cliffs on kornati boat tour
Girl with a hat looking cliffs and sea in Kornati
girl on a boat near the cliffs
salt lake Mir in Telaščica nature park aerial photo
girl with hat and white shirt enjoying sun and speedboat ride
family on a speedboat tour to Kornati with safety belts
Girl snorkelling with a mask in Kornati islands bays
girl sbnorkelling in Kornati national park underwater photo
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Guy taking photos with smartphone in Kornati islands
crew members archipelago zadar on a speedboat
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girl looking the Kornati islands panoramic view
couple looking panoramic vitas on Kornati islands
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kornati and telašćica boat tour mana island hill top view
person snorkelling in turquise sea in zadar archipelago
speedboat tour cruising near a small island
private bay in kornati islands boat tour
speedboat cruising around plate shaped island
kornati and telašćica boat tour near salt lake mir
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man jumping from a cliff on kornati and telascica boat tour
crew member with a hat on a boat trip
kornati and telašćica boat tour lojena bay
kornati and telašćica boat tour people on the cliff
kornati and telašććica boat tour lady diving sea surface
kornati and telašćica boat tour levrnaka island
kornati and telašćica boat tour couple on a view point
kornati and telašćica boat tour couple on the island
kornati and telašćica boat tour small coastal village
kornati and telašćica boat tour aerial view
kornati and telašćica boat tour seascape