8,5 hrs

EXPLORE two stunning islands on your Silba & Olib PRIVATE boat tour. DISCOVER the unparalleled beauty of the “Adriatic King of sandy beaches” – Island OLIB.

You will enjoy SWIMMING in the crystal-clear sea and private sandy bays. EXPERIENCE the island life and ENJOY the hidden beauty of the Silba & Olib islands. 

VISIT the island of Love & Captains, an island with no cars – a unique  SILBA island, and enjoy UNIQUE experiences on your Silba & Olib Private Boat Tour. You will SNORKEL around ancient sarcophagi in the Pocukmarak bay.

You can PLAY “dalmatian unofficial beach sport” – Picigin in the shallow sea or just RELAX in the most beautiful sandy bay on the island – Sotorišće. 

ENJOY the Open-Air Art gallery with unique masterpiece sculptures from famous Croatian sculptress – Marija Ujević Galetović on your full-day Silba & Olib Private Boat Tour.

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Learn about a LOVE story behind the beautiful Toreta tower, CLIMB UP and WITNESS the breathtaking panoramic view on the island and CONQUER the tower of love on your Silba and Olib Private Boat Tour.

You will EXPERIENCE a unique island lifestyle and escape the crowds on the island with no cars at all. You will discover the legends and secrets of the island of the CAPTAINS. You will get a chance to TASTE the traditional cuisine and REFRESH yourself with delicious ice cream.


This private boat tour is suitable for groups of up to a maximum of 12 guests in one boat.

We can operate this private tour for large groups of up to 100 guests in up to 10 boats.

Smaller private groups, up to 8 guests in one boat enjoy a 5% discount, please book accordingly.

All you need for a private boat tour is included – specified below under tour details.

This private tour is organized on a SPEEDBOAT DAY CRUISER type of boat.


If you prefer any other boat from our fleet there is the following surcharge:

LUXURY SPEEDBOAT DAY CRUISER (max. 12 guests) with a surcharge of +100,00 €

FAMILY DAY CRUISER (max. 9 guests) with surcharge of: +100,00 €

ROYAL DUTCH DAY CRUISER (max. 12 guests) with a surcharge of +300,00 €

In accordance with General Terms & Conditions please note the following:

The program of this private tour is subjected to changes depending on the weather and sea conditions. From 2.000+ tours since 2015. 98% of the programs were per schedule, and on time.

On the occasion of unfavourable weather, The Captain will make decisions on the spot, advise behaviour and if necessary, change the program concerning your safety. In any case, and even in the other spots, we will do our best to make your time exciting, and provide unforgettable experiences and life-lasting memories.

Don’t worry, apart from “Plan A”, we have already planned the B, C and D itineraries which are equally enjoyable. In the event of such circumstances, we will not offer any refunds. Terms & Conditions fully apply.



Experienced Captain Local English-speaking Guide
Anchoring Fees Fuel Costs
Berthing Fees Tickets to Marine Protected Areas
Municipality Tax Safety Gear
Tourist Tax
First Aid Kit
Windproof Jackets Snorkeling Goggles
Motion Sickness Pills Sun Protection Cream
Light Snacks Bottled Water
Juice for the Kids Fruit Salad
Beers or Ciders  
To make you comfortable on the tour bring the least possible, only necessities such are:
ID, Passport or Driving Licence
Water or Light Sport Shoes
Sun Cap
Local Currency Cash for the personal expenditures


Zadar Channel, a delightful sea passage between the islands of Zadar Archipelago and the City of Zadar, is famous for fishing tradition, sailing, paragliding, kitesurfing, and windsurfing spots.

Here you will enjoy the panoramic view of Zadar from the middle of the archipelago and gaze upon majestic mountain Velebit, city of Zadar and Old city centre and its unique promenade on your Silba and Olib Private boat tour.

The Island of Ugljan or Olive Island is known for old traditions, lush nature and olive oil production. Here you can hike up to the St. Michael fortress, discover breathtaking panoramic vistas and learn about fisherman’s traditions.


9:30 - Check-in & Departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 9:40 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The Silba and Olib Private boat tour departs at 10:00 sharp from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

11:15 Olib Island - King of Sandy Adriatic Beaches

Enjoy the stunning Slatina bay on the island Olib that will charm you with the vibrant colours of white and turquoise surroundings and a stunning view to the horizon.

Relax and swim in the sandy seabed, dive and explore exciting fish species and recharge your batteries far away from the summer crowds with a spectacular view. On Silba and Olib Private boat tour you will have fun in stunning locations and enjoy the best summer activities.


12:20 – Silba Island - Pocukmarak bay &  the ancient sarcophagi

Your next Silba and Olib Private boat tour stop will give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique snorkeling adventure & discover hidden treasures beneath the sea surface.

You will learn fascinating stories about the first inhabitants of Silba island and visit this mysterious underwater museum in Pocukmarak bay. There you can swim in turquoise waters while underneath you, lays history. Grab a mask and snorkel with us to the ancient sarcophagi.


13:00 – Silba Island -  Take a dip at sandy bay Sotorišće

On this gorgeous beach you will enjoy in the white sand, the crystal clear sea, and explore this island turquoise paradise.

Opt-in for a session of “Dalmatian unofficial sport” -Picigin, refresh yourself with a cold beer, colourful cocktails or just relax for a longer break at this turquoise lagoon.  The depth is only 3,5 meters so you have a lot of space for swimming & snorkeling in the crystal-clear sea, even if you aren’t the best swimmer.


14:10 – Visit Open Air Art Gallery & Climb up the Tower of Love

On your Silba and Olib Private Boat tour you will get a chance to explore the Silba village and visit the Open Air Art gallery, where you will discover unique sculptures made by Croatian sculptress Marija Ujević- Galetović.

You can take a nice and relaxing walk through the shade of the lush island vegetation,  and enjoy the unique ambience of the picturesque village of Silba. Your local guide will teach you about its rich history, visible in every part of the island and some interesting local fables of “The island of the Captains”.

On your sightseeing tour, you will discover the love story behind the Toretta tower, and visit the garden of its builder- legendary Captain Marinić. Conquer the tower of love and witness the spectacular panoramic view of island Silba from Toreta Tower.

Apart from that, you can enjoy delicious local food under the shade of the Olive trees in islands restaurants with reasonable prices, or simply grab a pizza, or have a break with an ice-cream cup.


16:15 – Afternoon swim in a stunning St. Nicholas bay

On your next Silba nad Olib Private Boat tour, you will head back to the “Adriatic king of the Sandy beaches” – Olib Island. There you can refresh yourself with an afternoon dip in the bay of St. Nikola and enjoy the crystal-clear sea, white sand, and vistas on the untouched nature.


18:25 Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Before leaving your Silba and Olib Private Boat tour, enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar old city centre, while cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experience a completely different impression of Zadar. Enjoy a symphony of sea and wind and listen to the Sea Organ music from the comfort of your speedboat.

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