Experience Zadar Sunset from the prime seats & comfort of a private motorboat. Enjoy sunset-watching & a unique perspective of Zadar. Toast with champagne to the most beautiful sunset in the world, celebrate your special occasions in style & create unforgettable memories. 

Enjoy a Zadar Sunset Private Boat Tour with a small motor yacht. RELAX  in complete privacy, enjoy the sunset countdown & toast to the special sunset moments. EXPERIENCE the magical sunset which amazed even Alfred Hitchcock.

DISCOVER magnificent panoramic views on mountain Velebit, Ugljan Island, and the City of Zadar. Enjoy in the moment and toast to life with champagne.

You will SEE Zadar from a completely new point of view on the magical Zadar Sunset Boat Tour! You will CRUISE around the footbridge, historical defence walls under the protection of UNESCO, Puntamika lighthouse, and ancient Landgate in harbour Foša.

You will get AMAZED by sunset on the horizon & see the largest Sphinx in Europe and learn the love story of her origins. You will discover all the charms of Zadar Promenade & HEAR the song of the sea on the Sea Organ on your romantic Zadar Sunset Private Boat Tour.

Gratuities are not included, it is recommended to tip the crew if you are satisfied with the tour.

IMPORTANT – Max number of passengers per tour is 12. 

Trip departure time varies depending on sunset hours in the summer months.

*Please let us know do you prefer champagne, white, rosé, or red wine in the contact form on page 2.

*Please wear flat shoes on the boat.

Check-in is at 19:00 in our office – Obala kneza Trpimira 2



Fuel Costs Fruit Salad
Anchoring Fees Safety Gear
Berthing Costs Bottled Water
Municipality Tax Champagne or Wine
Tourist Tax
Light Snacks
Navigation Costs First Aid Kit
Motion sickness pills Local Captain & Guide
To make you comfortable on the tour bring the least possible, only necessities such are:
ID, Passport or Driving Licence
Flat shoes


Zadar Channel is a picturesque and calm sea passage between the islands of Zadar Archipelago and the City of Zadar, and it is famous for its spectacular sunsets. You will get a chance to enjoy the panoramic view of Zadar from the middle of the archipelago on a Zadar Sunset Boat Tour.

Relax with a glass of champagne in your hand and gaze upon distant mountain Velebit, the city of Zadar and the Old city centre and its unique promenade on the romantic Zadar Sunset Private Boat Tour.

The Island of Ugljan or Olive Island is known for old traditions, lush nature and olive oil production. Here you can hike up to the St. Michael fortress, discover breathtaking panoramic vistas and learn about fisherman’s traditions.

Little island Galevac, also called Školjić is just 85 meters from Preko village, with a surface of 30.000 m2 and it is one of the smallest islands of the Zadar archipelago.

On your Zadar Sunset Boat Tour, you can ask your skipper to take you here and take a stroll around this oasis of beauty and peace.  Or you can enjoy its natural beaches offer you a relaxing time on the Island.

Additional information

Optional extrasAdditional bottle od champagne / wine
Group size1-5 people, 5-9 people, 10-12 people

18:30 - Check-in & Departure

Come to Zadar Archipelago Office (Obala kneza Trpimira 2, Zadar) for check-in at 18:30 the latest. Please don’t be late because there are some things to be done prior to the trip. Please prepare your ID or other documents with your personal details for registration needs. The boat departs at 19:00 sharp from Marina Tankerkomerc (in front of the office).

19:00 Sightseeing cruise around Zadar Old Town & city harbours

Experience Zadar from another point of the view! You will discover traditional rowing boatmen of Zadar, cruise around historical defence walls & footbridge on your Zadar Sunset Private boat tour. Enjoy the living history from the comfort of your modern small motor yacht and treat yourself with lovely arranged snacks.

19:20 – Sphinx & Puntamika Lighthouse

Discover the biggest Sphinx in Europe & listen to the love story behind its origin. Enjoy cruising around historical bays in a unique ambience on your Zadar Sunset boat tour and experience the unique sunset moments with your loved ones. Enjoy the seaside view on the Puntamika lighthouse and relax at the moment with a glass of champagne.

19:50 – Champagne toast in the middle of Zadar channel

Relax in a sunset countdown & toast to the special sunset moments and enjoy unforgettable scenes on your Zadar Sunset Private boat tour. Enjoy being pampered, and lose yourself in the tranquillity of the sea.

Witness unique moments as the sun paints the sky with a spectacular burst of colours. Find out why Hitchcock said “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida, applauded at every evening.” during his visit to Zadar in May 1964.


20:10 – Completely new vista on Zadar Seafront & Mountain Velebit

Experience unique panoramic views from the comfort of your small motor yacht on a Zadar Sunset boat tour. Soak up the vista on the Promenade & ancient roman Forum bathed in sunset colors.  Enjoy stunning backdrop views on mountain Velebit, Old Town Zadar and Island Ugljan, and island Galevac on another side.

20:35 – Zadar City Walls-UNESCO World Heritage Site & Foša Harbor

Experience the beauty of Zadar city walls – and cruise around UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a magical cruise in Habour Foša, and view on historical Landgate. You will enjoy sipping champagne in unique surroundings in the comfort of your Zadar Sunset Private boat tour.

20:45 Salute the sun with the sea view of Zadar and Sea Organ

Relax on a panoramic boat ride near Sea organ and & Sun Salutation Before leaving the Zadar Sunset boat tour, and make time to enjoy the fascinating sea view of Zadar old city centre cruising along the waterfront boardwalk and experience completely different impression of Sea Organ music. Let all of your senses be free and completely experience all the glory of your PRIVATE boat tour.


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Cruise in Luxurious Private Boat
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Discover the best vistas aboard Royal Duch Day Cruiser
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